About Us


I. Kingdom Ministry Empowerment

Empowering pastors to be successful with their visions, for building their churches is Bishop Dixon's primary focus for KBGF. The following methods are ways for this to happen.

  • Conferences/Seminars: Leadership, Church Growth, Stewardship, Innovative Ministry, Media
  • Empowerment Webinars: Pastors, Staff and Ministry Leaders Development
  • Mentoring: Pastors One to One Guidance and Coaching

II. Missions/ Special Projects

With our Missions Partner, Samaritans Feet, Inc., we support efforts to get shoes to impoverished children around the world. There are over 30 million shoe-less children on the planet.

With multiple impact Partners, we are combatting Sex/Human Trafficking in the U.S. and around the world. (In the U.S. alone, over 14,000 are trafficked annually.)

With Good Gang USA, Inc., we are empowering youth for maximum achievement, combatting violence and helping to Create a Safer Place for Children.

III. KBGF is for Pastors who...

  1. Want to be covered by a leader who is committed Biblical integrity
  2. Values other pastors, not based on church size and popularity
  3. Seek meaningful spiritual relationships and genuine fellowship
  4. Desire to make local and global impact in partnership with other Kingdom minded leaders
  5. Don't want to waste time and resources doing what DOESN'T MATTER TO THE KINGDOM!

"I am committed to your success as a pastor. Helping you achieve your Kingdom vision is my passion!" - Bishop James Dixon II