About Us


The Founder and Presiding Bishop

Bishop James Dixon is a Kingdom voice and Kingdom visionary. He is a premier Kingdom teacher and preacher, following the model of Jesus Christ and the apostles. His extensive knowledge concerning the Kingdom of God and how it works in the church and impacts the world is not only distinguishing. It positions him as a valuable Kingdom resource to pastors and churches around the nation and the globe.

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KBGF connects pastors and churches to a network of Kingdom resourceful relationships. We are a collective fellowship of pastors, churches and ministry organizations that’s focused on empowering our members for greater Kingdom impact in the earth. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

I. Kingdom Ministry Empowerment

Empowering pastors and ministry leaders to effectively communicate and successfully execute their God inspired Kingdom building visions for their churches.

•We teach and assist pastors and leaders to develop Kingdom content for preaching and teaching.

Empowerment Methods:

    •    Conferences/Seminars: Leadership, Church Growth, Stewardship, Innovative Ministry, Media

    •    Monthly Empowerment Webinars: Pastors, Staff and Ministry Leaders Development

    •    Mentoring: Pastors One to One Guidance and Coaching by Bishop Dixon and other astute leaders

    •    Pastor to Pastor Empowerment: we are committed to each other’s success.

II. Missions/ Special Projects

•Kingdom Building in Uganda, East Africa: We have done extensive work there for nearly 20 years, by building and supporting a church, school and orphanage.

•Kingdom Missions Partner: Our primary missions partner is Samaritans Feet, Inc. We support efforts to get shoes to impoverished children around the world. There are over 30 million shoe-less children on the planet. Missions trips with SF are amazing!

III. Kingdom Social Impact

•Compassion In Action: Empowering churches to alleviate and eradicate the pain and peril of poverty through programs like Hope Over Hunger, Coats of Compassion, Toys of Hope and more.

•NTZ Faith “No Trafficking Zone: Empowering churches to eradicate the scourge of human and sex trafficking in their local communities and regions with our strategic partner NTZ Inc. Trafficking is human slavery!

•Prison: Empowering churches to have Kingdom impact behind prison walls and in our communities by reaching, discipling and equipping inmates and retiring citizens with

•Kingdom Crisis Response: Empowering churches and our partners to respond to those experiencing devastation as a result of disasters that occur in the US and around the globe.