The Presiding Prelate

Bishop James Dixon II, D.Min.

Bishop James W.E. Dixon, II, is a native Houstonian. For 37 years, (since age 18), he has served as pastor of The Community Of Faith Church. He accepted the divine call and began preaching at the age of 15. Under his leadership, The Community Of Faith has become known locally and nationally as a Kingdom force in the earth.

In 2006, after being consecrated as a Bishop, he founded King-dom Builders Global Fellowship (KBGF). KBGF is a reformation of pastors and congregations, located in cities across America. KBGF has done significant mission work in Uganda, East Africa. There they built a church, and supported a school and orphan-age.

Bishop Dixon is greatly respected as a faith leader, and his ministry is highly regarded nationally by renowned clergy. He empowers the masses with a Biblically, Christ-centered, Kingdom message. He is a specialist in both church leadership development, and faith-based community development.

Dr. Dixon earned his Doctor of Ministry degree at Virginia University of Lynchburg with a focus on Urban Social Impact. He compiled extensive research into a dissertation entitled, “The Future of the Church: Attracting, Developing and Deploying Millennials for Social Impact.” He has authored several books and songs which he published. He’s a mentor, conference speak-er and church development consultant.

Dr. Dixon is a highly sought-after impact leader, serving in the following capacities: Board Member-Harris County Criminal Justice Coalition, Vice President of Houston-NAACP, and Board Member of Harris County Convention and Sports Corporation. He founded and leads Good Gang USA, Inc., a premier youth empowerment organization. He also co-founded Loving Kids, Inc. with Dr. Ed Young. He works passionately against poverty and human trafficking.